The character of Jesus Series
Most people well agree that Jesus is a really great role model. His faith, perseverance, generosity, intelligence and his profound love are seen as the best qualities that we can have. The Bible teaches that we are to become like Jesus, we are to take on his character. Over the coming weeks we are going to explore 12 aspects of his character and how we might best imitate them

12 The Measure of the Stature of the Fullness of Christ [Click Here] 23 April 2017

11 Jesus spirit [Click Here] 16 April (Easter Day) 2017

10 Jesus' scale of values
[Click Here] 9 April 2017

09 Jesus' Affection
[Click Here] 2 April 2017

08 Jesus' Fearlessness
[Click Here] 19 March 2017

07 Jesus' Self-Control
[Click Here] 12 March 2017

06 Jesus' Sincerity
[Click Here] 5 March 2017

05 Jesus' Power of Endurance
[Click Here] 26 February 2017

04 Jesus' loyalty to his cause
[Click Here] 19 February 2017

03 The righteous anger of Jesus
[Click Here] 12 February 2017

02 The Generosity of Jesus
[Click Here] 5 February 2017

01 The Joy of Jesus
[Click Here] 29 January 2017