You Can Do This 
A seminar on being a friend to the friends of Jesus 

You will discover:

  • The things that will help you understand what is going on in our community and what we need to know if we are gong to be effective witnesses
  • A strategy that willassist you and your church impact others for Jesus – PIPA
  • God’s dream from the beginning of time and how we can help make it a reality
  • How to hear God’s voice and be able to speak into the lives of others
  • A new significance for your place in the community in both your work and recreation.

The seminar is made up of the following units:

  • Building contagious churches
  • Evangelism Solomon’s way – Treating people as people
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • PIPA – a strategy for reaching your community
  • Questioning Evangelism – 5 questions to help your friends think about what they are saying about God. 
  • Prophetic Evangelism. Speaking God’s love into the lives of others.
This is a seminar that is designed to affirm you and your faith journey 
and to challenge you take what you know and use it for God’s glory.

We need 6 hours – this can be done

  • 2 hours Friday evening
  • 4 hours Saturday
  • or 7 hours on a Saturday (need to allow for lunch etc)
  • Donation $450 plus travel. You will also need to cover the cost of printing notes.
  • The size of the group is not important

Prayer Seminar
Lord Teach us to Pray


A conversation with God can  be the simplest and best experience we can have
It is not difficult but it does mean we have to do something. 

This seminar is designed to take the difficulty out of prayer  and help us discover the wonder of knowing God

Basic Seminar Units

Prayer  —  God’s forgotten idea for hanging out with him
Lord Teach us to Pray  —The Lord’s Prayer, our pattern for an effective prayer life.
Communion with God  — Hearing the voice of God

You will discover:
 An age old pattern of praying that works
 How to hear God’s voice and be able to speak into the lives of others
 How you can best join in prayer to pray for the needs of others

Family and Home Life 

Home Partnership Seminar


This is a three evening or weekend seminar. 

The seminar is suitable for those who are in new relationships or long term relationships.
For those with children, teenagers, grandchildren or no children at all.

The primary focus is set within the marriage and family.


Seminar Units

  • A biblical understanding of marriage.
  • Understanding how our past enriches or confuses the present.
  • The gift of personality and temperament
  • Why is it that the person I thought I was marrying isn’t the same one that I find I am living with?
  • Why I have difficulty understanding what it is you are trying to say to me.
  • How come I see things that you miss and you feel things that I don’t think are there?
  • Are men and women that different? 
    – The different worlds of men and women.
  • How come I do so much for you and yet you say that I don’t spend enough time with you?
  • What kids, fun and fellowship has to do with sex – or celebration in the bedroom

 All marriages can benefit from taking time for reflection and growth – even good marriages can be made better


Mediation and Conflict resolution

Building Bridges – Finding Hope


In a few words I want to talk about what could be seen as an important part of the ministry we are developing. For a number of years I have been troubled by the way the Christian community fights itself. Not only does this divide and disrupt our life, sometimes leaving people badly hurt but it also is an appalling witness to the community. This has led me to do some forty-four hours of mediation training with the view of finding a way to help us become the redemptive communities that God intended.

You may want to explore other issues as well:

Reaching the community for Christ 

I am very interested in talking with churches and leadership about ways to set up new initiatives to interface with secular society. There are a number of suggestions about for this that include establishing “faith communities” within a parish that are designed to intentionally connect with the communities about them. Does this sound like something that you can explore?

To date this has meant I have taken several seminars that seek to develop our understanding of conflict and how we can positively progress forward. The feedback has indicated that this was a useful introduction, providing new insights into how they can manage conflict within their ministries. These seminars have been at the invitation of leadership training groups and clergy groups. I have also undertaken to train a team of mediators. The mediation model I am in trained uses co-mediators.

We are keen to now offer this to the Christian community in two ways: As a group and or parish training to help develop understanding in how and why we conflict with practical skill development and ideas in managing conflict and achieving healthy resolution and therefore healthy communities. Secondly, to be mediators.

If you are struggling with conflict and what appears to be irreconcilable difference is your church you may like to consider contacting me and seeing whether together we can find a helpful way forward.

The important questions are:

  • What is God saying to you about your church and the direction he wants you to take?
  • How can we assist you in achieving some aspect of this?