Becoming a Disciple Making Culture
Based on the book: "Building a Discipling Culture" by Mike Breen

05 Language Creates Culture [Click Here] 13 September 2015
One of the most basic things that will change our culture is our language.  What we say and how we say something forms the basis of attitude and action.

04 Building a Disciple Making Culture
[Click Here] 6 September 2015

. Mike Breen says: From our experience …, if you want  to make disciples, if you want to build a discipling culture in your community, you are going to need three things:

1) A discipleship vehicle (we call it a Huddle)

2) People need access to your life (discipleship can’t be done at a distance)

3) A discipling language (our discipling language is called Life Shapes).” (page 38).

03 What it means to learn
[Click Here] 30 August 2015
Understanding how we learn is at the core of being a disciple. “There seem to be three different ways that we learn, but unequivocally, we learn best when there is a dynamic interplay between all three at one time: 1) Classroom/Lecture passing on of information 2) Apprenticeship 3) Immersion.” ("Building a Discipling Culture" page 21 ).

02 Jesus Model 
[Click Here] 16 August 2015
We must come to grips with and see how Jesus was able to challenge his disciples without exhausting or discouraging them. Jesus had an effective mix of “invitation and challenge in the way he related to them.”

01 The Challenge
[Click Here] 9 August 2015
How do we make disciples like Jesus made them?

00 Introduction
[Click Here] 2 August 2015
Invitation and Challenge