Covenant and Kingom
Although the great Biblical themes of Covenant and Kingdom find their fullest expression in Jesus, Covenant goes all the way back to the beginning, when the only thing required was to maintain the “oneness” that God had created. After the Fall, the way was blocked; yet, God built a bridge, in Covenant, back to us. In Jesus, that Covenant was fulfilled, as on the cross, he offered himself as the ultimate blood sacrifice.

13 Jesus, Paul and the church [Click Here] 24 July 2016
We are a Covenant community with the mission of extending the Kingdom of our Father.  It’s why we exist. Together, as the body, covenanted together with Jesus, we represent the King and extend his rule, bringing forgiveness, healing, restoration, and deliverance wherever we go people will experience the future that is heaven in us today.


12 Person of Peace [Click Here] 17 July 2016
A person of peace is someone who God has prepared ahead of time to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus through your life. We recognize these folk by the way they will welcome you, by the way they genuinely enjoy your company and want to be around you. 

11 Esther and Kingdom Rule
[Click Here] 10 July 2016

Esther has “come into the Kingdom for such a time as this?”  This is a common theme throughout scripture ….  You and I and everyone are born with a purpose. A God-given calling: First, a calling to live in relationship with him and out of the identity he has given us as his son or daughter and secondly, he gives us Kingdom responsibility of representing God to the people and communities we are part of.

10 David: Warrior and Worshipper
[Click Here] 3 July 2016
In this series we are talking about Covenant and Kingdom. In the Life of David, Covenant and Kingdom are being fully worked out. Covenant is the relationship God invites us into. Throughout David’s life we see him living out that relationship with God and with people. Kingdom is the way God gives responsibility. God gives his authority to David and yet withholds his ability to exercise power until the time is right.

09 Moses: Priest and Prince
[Click Here] 26 June 2016
As we continue our exploration of Covenant and Kingdom we look into the story of Moses and Moses’ covenant relationships and how God uses them to shape his Kingdom responsibility.  Moses is the first character in the bible where this Covenant relationship and Kingdom responsibility really begin to come together.

08 God's redemptive stories
[Click Here] 19 June 2016
Judah was no example; his behaviour at times was anything but honourable.  He also had great tragedy including losing two of his three sons. His story helps us get real with a God who doesn’t stand back and watch from a distance, but can step into even the most distasteful situations to change a heart.  

07 God overcomes evil with good
[Click Here] 12 June 2016

Joseph’s story introduces the idea of how we are to represent God in our community. How did Joseph get to the place where he recognized God's call for him?

06 God gives More
[Click Here] 5 June 2016
Today we follow on from last week with the story of Abram and Sarai who became known as Abraham and Sarah and how they fit into the ongoing revelation of God to us.

05 God Blesses Again
[Click Here] 29 May 2016

God has sent us to go and in going we will be required to trust in the God who is bigger than our circumstances. He has made a way for us to experience his resurrection life. Will we turn to him, moving from unbelief to belief in what only he can do? Or will we keep striving in our own strength or give up because our vision is limited to how far we can see is possible on our own?

04 Human Construction vs God's Cultivation
[Click Here] 22 May
Over the past 2 sermons in this series we have looked at the effect of a world falling apart because of the choice we see in the story of Adam and Eve to reject God – we call this rejection and its effect sin.  We then went on to talk about how this effect worked out in Cain and the story of Noah and the flood.  Today we look at a third major event: the story in the tower of Babel

03 A world falling apart and God's Justice
[Click Here] 1 May 2016
We must remember that God is not vengeful but he does see that justice is done.  God is merciful but we live with the consequences of our choices. Today we will see how this worked out in Adam and Eve’s family with Cain and Able and of God’s mercy for Noah's family as he pursues justice in a world that has become wrecked by sin’s destructive forces on all that God called good in the beginning – family, culture, and creation. 

01 Introduction - Covenant and Kingdom
[Click Here] 17 April 2016

· Covenant is about relationship, about two becoming one. It’s about being.

· Kingdom is about responsibility; about what God wants you to do on his behalf. It’s about doing.